Clever Recruitment

We are a young team that aims to support employers in Romania to provide them with quality labor, defined by professionalism and seriousness. We offer solutions to Romanian companies in terms of recruiting skilled and unskilled personnel, while trying to understand their needs and objectives, to pursue and identify the right people at the right place and time.

We at Clever Recruitment will be close to you with the most appropriate solution in terms of recruiting the workforce on the desired field of activity. During all this time you can channel your energy to business management without losing customers, time and money that, moreover, our customer philosophy lies in the idea of partnership, so we aim to be a real support in finding high-quality staff for your business, which will make you an increasingly competitive player in a constantly changing market.

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Our mission is to identify and recruit qualified and unskilled personnel that add value to your business. We want to become your partners in a dynamic market context, providing you with the necessary workforce that meets your objectives and needs. We also offer the opportunity for Asian workers to build a successful career in Romania, highlighting their professional experience and cultural values as well. We will assist your company in finding ideal employees to suit your needs.


Following the outflow of Romanian workers in recent years, the market faces a significant labor shortage. Our team found the solution in recruiting Asian staff, willing to build a long career in Romania. We are trying to track and understand your company's needs and become partners in building a success story through our ability to recruit staff that meets your business needs.


We want to build a relationship with our customers based on trust and partnership. The approach of our team is based on a "win-win situation" strategy our company gives employers the time to focus on managing their business, while we are working on the selection of the right staff, which meets the requirements of the profile required by you. As for Asian staff (or candidates, as they sound better), we are giving them the possibility of a new start in a European country that offers them new opportunities for professional development.